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Brimstage Country Fair – 25/26/27th May

We are very proud and honoured to be invited to return after last years display to the country fair at Brimstage Farm & Maze on the 25/26/27th of May. Wirral Archaeology CIC will be displaying finds from our investigations into the Egremont Bloomery project & the Battle of Brunanburh Investigations. We will have some of our latest finds on display. (All PAS…

WA CIC – Brunanburh


In regard to recent podcasts. Wirral Archaeology CIC ‘have never claimed to have discovered the site of the battle of Brunanburh’. We have been searching for the site and have found artefacts that are contemporary with the period. Our investigations continue but let this be clear. The battlefield has not been identified. If and when such a claim is ever made then…

Bridle Bit

Bridle Bit

Finds From Wirral Bridle Bit An interesting little recent find is this small piece of Bridle Bit  dated by the experts to AD 1000 to AD1100. It is broken but enough remains that the Portable Antiquities Scheme have been able to date it and also describe it as Anglo Scandinavian. PAS Report https://finds.org.uk/database/artefacts/record/id/1144406

Meols Boat project – update

Prof Steve Harding togther with lead archaeologist Chas Jones gave a presentation on the Meols Boat Project to Wallasey Photo Llub last week. Club members had provided a photo shoot for the whole ,’dig’ and thier prints were on exhibition.

Underwater archaeology – brief report of talk by Dr Brian Atkins to members of Wirral Archaeology

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Early Medieval Strap End


Finds From Wirral Early Medieval Strap End Although finds from the Wirral are quite rare from the period. A collection from Meols and a few more from around the area. Most are from the everyday life of the local inhabitants. We have strap ends like the one below, buckles, spindle whorls and gaming pieces. Unfortunately there are NO finds like posh brooches…

Charles II Coin

Finds from Wirral Charles II Coin Here we have another unusual find. This is a poor condition copper Irish halfpenny coin dating from the reign of Charles II. He reigned from 1645-1684. This coin dates to the end of his reign and was from 1680-1684. On the second image you can see the harp with the crown above. We always get our…

Medieval Coin

Finds from Wirral Medieval Coin Here we have a coin of Edward IV. His reign was unusual as it was split into two separate periods during mthe Wars of the Roses between the House of Lancaster and the House of York.    As such Edward reigned from 4th March 1461 to 3 October 1470 and then again from 11th April 1471 until…

Modern – Bag ties

Finds from Wirral Bag Ties While nowhere near as old as some of our finds this is still interesting. It is a lead seal for a bag of bone manure fertiliser. Procter and Ryland were a manufacturer of bone meal fertiliser situated on the edge of the River Dee at Saltney just outside Chester. A chemical works had been operating on the…


Finds from Wirral Buckles Here is a selection of the groups recent finds of buckles. They date from as early as AD500 through to around AD1650. All are copper alloy and all are recorded on the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) with the British Museum. All were recovered from Wirral.   From top left we have an unusual find. A small d-shaped copper…


Finds from Wirral LVPL-257DE2 – ROMAN Coin Look into the, sadly rather battered, face of the Roman Emperor Antoninus Puis AD 138-161.  The coin is one of our recent finds from Wirral and dates from AD143-144.    It has been verified and recorded by the Portable Antiquities Scheme with the below reference  https://finds.org.uk/database/artefacts/record/id/1103158.   The reverse of the coin shows Victory holding…

ROMAN Steelyard Weights

ROMAN Steelyard weights

Finds from Wirral LVPL-391B06 – ROMAN Steelyard Weights   Recent Finds. Steelyard Weights   These are a couple of our recent finds that have been placed onto the Portable Antiquities Scheme. (www.finds.org.uk) On the left is a Roman (AD43-410) bi-conical steelyard weight. It weighs 131.8 grams  PAS reference. LVPL-391B06 https://finds.org.uk/database/artefacts/record/id/1099363 A steelyard is a portable scale with beam arms of unequal length…

Early Medieval – Weight

Finds from Wirral LVPL-257DE2 – EARLY MEDIEVAL weight  A lovely little weight or gaming piece dated AD850-1100. Portable Antiquities Scheme statement: A lead weight or gaming piece dating from the early medieval period onwards (c.AD 850-1100).The object is domed with a flat base, flat sides and a domed top. It is undecorated and has a dark grey patina.Dimensions: Length 13.48mm; diameter 16.96mm; weight…

History and Heritage Fair – Brunanburh

Vikings line up for battle

In 937 at Brunanburh, The Army of Mercia – led by King Athelstan faced the combined forces of Ireland – led by King Anlaf, Scotland – led by King Constantine and Strathclyde – led by King Owain ap Dyfnwal. The site for this battle is hotly contested but Wirral Archaeology CiC, and several other recognised historians,  firmly believe that it took place on the Wirral.