Wirrals Roman Roads.

Wirrals Roman Roads

Wirrals Roman Roads.


The Wirral peninsula lies very close to what was the largest Roman legionary fortress in their Empire, at Chester. The Roman Roads Research Association, who are working with Wirral Archaeology on this project have documented proven several Roman roads to the north, east, and south of Chester. But none have been fully proven to the west across Wirral. This seems to be very odd as there is extensive evidence of Roman activity at Meols, in Storeton and probably in Birkenhead.

There have been several attempts to identify what are suspected to be the routes of Roman roads across Wirral. Some have been at least partially complete  and successful, while others that have claimed to find evidence have not been documented or recorded in any way and so must be discounted. Digging a small hole and finding cobbles and pebbles in the bottom does not mean it is a Roman road. In Wirral this is part of our natural superficial geology.

We have used experts in land surveying, civil engineering and road building to create this and it will guide our investigations. The plan for this project is outlined in detail in the attached document and as these progress we will adapt and change the plan as needed.

Inevitably we will need the cooperation of landowners along the route we intend to investigate. We have already had considerable assistance and hope we can receive even more.

One well known reputed “Roman road” is a footpath between Storeton and Prenton that passes across Prenton Golf Course. In 2019 we carried out a geophysics survey that showed a possible road below the surface. Prenton Golf Club has granted permission for an excavation in an area away from the fairways, and we intend to carry this out when possible with professional supervision.


A section of the Roman road system in Wirral ,some sections are clear and have been used by people from all periods.Other sections have been ploughed out ,but with modern technology such as lidar you can still produce results . Field walking is another good medium for locating lost roads ,as is metal detecting. Our proven method is small keyhole sections  every so often ,we only trial trench after doing a geophysical survey first

The full paper on this topic can be downloaded from here