The Search for the Battle of Brunanburh.

The Search for Brunanburh



This forgotten battle is regarded by most historians as the event that created the English nation; but where is took place has been lost for centuries. There have been many attempts to locate the battlefield, but these have been based on trying to interpret a few clues and information taken from manuscripts written sometimes hundreds of years later. None of them have been able to firmly place the symbol of crossed swords on a map to show where the battle was.

Most qualified academic historians think that it is probable the battle took place in Wirral. Our quest is to find evidence that will help to confirm this.

Wirral Archaeology believes that continual arguments over semantics will not solve the mystery. Our approach is to combine what is known from ancient manuscripts, to examine other information such as geography, landscape, and topography; and add to that systematic archaeological investigations backed up by scientific analysis.

The following information gives some information on our progress. We believe that we have made significant progress and discoveries but understand that much more needs to be achieved before any definite announcement can be made. This is the story, so far…