About Wirral Archaeology CIC


The group was created about twenty years ago as an informal discussion group with many different interests. Some brief investigations were done but few records survive.

In the last few years Wirral Archaeology CIC has undergone a transformation into a semi-professional group using recommended methods and procedures. We have also begun serious investigations into several projects that have the potential to be important.

One of our key objectives is to increase local support for Wirral’s history and heritage.

The group is managed by a strategic Executive Group, and we have forged working alliances with a range of eminent archaeologists, scientists and universities in the UK and abroad. We work actively with several national agencies.

Our valued sponsors include the famous author Bernard Cornwell who is our Honorary Vice President, and Professor Michael Livingston an international expert in the identification of lost battlefields.

We are also grateful for the support of local landowners, farmers and businesses, including Contessa Hotels.

What we do – Uncovering and understanding the past.

Most people have seen “Time Team”? In a nutshell that shows what we do. We do not have all the resources and equipment that they were able to use – but we are working on it…

Some of our most important work is finding old records, academic research, and scientific information that helps us develop our projects. Computers are handy for this.

Other equipment that we use includes – spades and trowel’s, etc – a magnetometer – ground penetrating radar – metal detectors. See these in action on other pages.

Our research projects – Finding Wirral’s forgotten heritage.

The projects we are currently working on:

The search for the Battle of Brunanburh.

Looking for real evidence that this forgotten battle was fought in Wirral.

The battle that “created the English nation”.

“No moment can better claim to have borne witness to the birth of England than Brunanburh — a battle lost for centuries but now, it seems, found in the Wirral. It is vital that this remarkable site be studied, protected, and preserved.”

— Professor Michael Livingston, The Citadel. USA.

Editor of “The Battle of Brunanburh – a Casebook” (2011), Exeter University Press.

The boat under the car park.

Investigating claims that a Viking boat is buried under the car park at the Railway Inn, Meols.

We were on the brink of submitting an application for National Lottery Heritage Funding when the present epidemic caused NLHF to close down its application process.

The “Cheshire Shore”.

Collecting information on the archaeology, history, geology and changing environment of what Canon Hume named as the Cheshire Shore in the 1850’s.

Roman roads in Wirral.

Looking into claims of a Roman road from Chester to Birkenhead.

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