Finds from Wirral


Here is a selection of the groups recent finds of buckles.

They date from as early as AD500 through to around AD1650. All are copper alloy and all are recorded on the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) with the British Museum.

All were recovered from Wirral.


From top left we have an unusual find. A small d-shaped copper alloy buckle which has been dated by PAS as from AD500-700 which is classed as early medieval. This is normally described as from the 5th or 6th century AD through to the 10th century.


A search on the PAS database using the geographic area of Wirral shows that there are only 12 items recorded from this period. Wirral Archaeology have found and recorded 11 of these 12 items so we are actively adding to the historical story of Wirral.

Middle top is another small copper alloy buckle. Described by PAS as medieval this one is dated from AD1300-1400. You can see where the (now lost) pin was.


Top right is another copper alloy buckle dated AD1300-1500

On the bottom left row we have a larger decorated copper alloy buckle dated from AD1350-1450. This still has a moving pin.

Bottom middle is a copper alloy post medieval buckle dated AD1500-1650. Again the slight recess where the pin would have sat can be seen.

Finally bottom right we have another post medieval find. It is a copper alloy unit with a lovely patina. It has been dated from AD1500-1650. This example still has the pin fitted.

Wirral Archaeology CIC.

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