Iron Age – Harness Fitting

Finds from Wirral

IRON AGE Harness Fitting

One of our oldest finds late Iron Age to Roman 100BC to 200AD. 

Portable Antiquities Scheme Statement:

An incomplete copper alloy harness fitting dating to the late Iron Age to Roman period (c.100BC – AD200).

The terret is composed of a thick circular loop which is sub-oval in cross-section. The loop is incomplete with one terminating in a worn break and the other in a seemingly sharp, fresh break. Projecting from the top of the loop is a smaller integral rectangular shaped hoop which sits on an elongated oval collar. The terret has a mid-brown / green patina with some wear on the surface.

Dimensions: Length 35.89mm; width 33.48mm; thickness 6.16mm; weight 20.04g

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