Early Medieval – Strap End

Finds from Wirral


Look into the eyes of one of our finds dated AD800-1100. 
Portable Antiquities Scheme Statement
A mostly complete copper alloy early medieval zoomorphic strap end dating to c.AD 800-1100. Thomas class B4d.The plate is narrow, with concave sides and sub rectangular cross section. The terminal is lozenge shaped and moulded into a stylised animal head. The front of the terminal is decorated with annulet eyes and a pointed snout. The body is decorated with horizontal grooves with a second pair of annulet eyes at the end. The back end flares and flattens with two circular cut outs at the end for rivets. The reverse is undecorated. The object has a dark brown patina.

Dimensions: Length 37.83mm; width 8.77mm; thickness 2.44mm; weight 2g

The strap end fits within Thomas’s class B4d which is characterised by parallel sides and animal head terminals with two stylised heads.

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