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History and Heritage Fair – Brunanburh

Vikings line up for battle

In 937 at Brunanburh, The Army of Mercia – led by King Athelstan faced the combined forces of Ireland – led by King Anlaf, Scotland – led by King Constantine and Strathclyde – led by King Owain ap Dyfnwal. The site for this battle is hotly contested but Wirral Archaeology CiC, and several other recognised historians,  firmly believe that it took place on the Wirral.

PAS Finds Released

Wirral Archaeology CIC is proud to show a few of the finds from our project ‘The Search for the Battle of Brunanburh’ These finds have been assessed by PAS – Portable Antiquities Scheme and can be viewed on our Search for Brunanburh gallery page. Gallery – the search for brunanburh

Battlefield Trust Presentation

  Wirral Archaeology were pleased to host members of the Battlefield Trust on 18th September to an event to discuss the Battle of Brunanburh.   Speakers included   Dave Capener author of “Brunanburh and the Routes to Dingesmere” Chas Jones author of “Finding Fulford- The Search for the First Battle of 1066” Stephen Harding author of “Ingimunds Saga – Viking Wirral” and…

Wirral Archaeology feature in new Bernard Cornwell book.

Wirral Archaeology are grateful to Bernard Cornwell for his shout out in the notes for his latest book “War Lord”   You can buy the book from your local book shop or from the usual online places.

New Website goes live

Welcome to our new website. There is still much work to do but we hope you will keep watching as we add more content and allow you to explore Wirrals past with us.