Roman Coin

Roman Coin

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Roman Coin
Roman Coin Roman Coin

Currently submitted to the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) and awaiting validation and identification this tiny Roman coin which has been recently recovered has little or no monetary value.
It is in a poor state but you can make out a head in the top photograph.

Its true value however is in potentially identifying a previously unknown Roman site.

Through the responsible actions of people recovering and recording such items over a thousand previously unknown Roman sites have been located throughout the country according to PAS.

We are aware of local users of metal detectors who do not record finds. Indeed such people have approached us at some of our displays throughout the year telling us all about finds they have made.

Most have little or no knowledge of history and although we try and encourage them to properly record finds we know that many are detected on land without necessary permissions or recovered from sites and the location forgotten and will never be recorded.

Such items will no doubt languish in a drawer for many years before being forgotten or disposed of. This is an irreplaceable loss of our heritage.

Wirral Archaeology CIC have over 100 items already recorded on the database from Wirral and we are always in the process of submitting more.
All items recovered whether they reach the standards for the Portable Antiquities Scheme or not are GPS plotted and mapped and remain the property of the landowner.

No member of Wirral Archaeology CIC owns any item recovered.
This simple fact astounds many metal detector users who are more interested in collecting shiny things or lining their pockets than in history.

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