Wirral's Hidden History Revealed

Wirral Archaeology

Project – The Wirral Shore

Miles of golden sand fringe the Wirral Peninsula where it meets the Irish Sea. For the unwary, there are treacherous mud banks and unexpectedly deep channels. The Dee estuary embraces three small islands – Hilbre, Middle Eye and Little Eye all with their own place in history. The sand stretches from New Brighton on its northerly corner to West Kirby on its…

Wirral’s Farms and Fields

Wirral's Farms and Fields

Wirral’s Farms and Fields Yes, we take them for granted, barely giving them a second glance as we whizz along in our motor cars.   Grazing cows, bleating sheep and a few areas of ploughed earth constrained by overgrown hedges.   They’re just fields.   We may catch a glimpse of a footpath sign even a farmhouse or too and that’s it.   Forgotten. Ignored. Neglected.  …