Boat Beneath The Car Park – Update

The investigation – an update

It is the end of the investigation week but there is still a long way to go till we discover the age of the boat under the car park.

The ‘dig’ was carried out by a team from Wirral Archaeology CIC working in partnership with the pub owners, Greene King. Work was performed under the supervision of professional archaeologist, Charles Jones, who has spent many years researching the site of the Battle of Fulford  (1066), and scientist Professor Stephen Harding of Nottingham University. 

The investigation was not a ‘dig’ as we would traditionally understand it but an investigation using a series of specially drilled holes  to try to obtain wood samples from the ship in order to analyse and try to ascertain its age.

Vibrant Seaport

Meols was a vibrant seaport from Roman times and Wirral hosted a large Hiberno Norse community locally after their arrival in 902.
Some have suggested the boat may be quite old but only testing will be able to tell for sure.

Any remains and surrounding soil will undergo a range of scientific analyses including Carbon14 dating, dendrochronology and wood assessment (state of preservation and possible origins). These tests will provide us with a context and valuable information about the age and possible origin of the boat.

Support the Research

The project team has raised around £9,000 to enable this investigation to get started, with most of the funding coming from the University of Nottingham. This will enable us to carry out the investigation and pay for the analysis of some wood samples of the boat that we hope to obtain. These wood tests must be carried out straight away. This is because ancient wood, once exposed to the air, will begin to deteriorate very rapidly.
However, we need to raise a further £15,000 to finish the job of analysing the soil and wood samples that we will obtain from the site under investigation.

If you are interested in finding out more about what we do then contact us

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