The following details are provided to answer most enquiries that we receive.

Please note that we are unable to enter into multiple email exchanges.

If you need further information on any of these topics, such as talks for schools or the public – please see our contact details.

Can talks and exhibitions be provided for schools?

All our talks, exhibitions, presentations, and demonstrations provided for schools are cost free.

Do we provide public talks on our work?

One of our agreed objectives is to inform and educate local residents of all ages in Wirral’s history using real evidence. We do not support the use of unsubstantiated opinions in public talks. We try to separate fact from fiction.

We generally ask for a small financial contribution to cover our costs.

Can we ask for an individual from Wirral Archaeology CIC to provide a private talk?

Wirral Archaeology has a policy of not allowing individual members to provide unsupported talks – especially if a charge is made. This is to ensure that no unauthorised use of Wirral Archaeology’s CIC copyrighted research or other information is used for private profit.

Any person/s acting without due authority are not covered by our insurance.

Any person/s acting without authority and purporting to represent Wirral Archaeology is/are not authorised to do so and may be liable to legal action.

Do we arrange our own talks on Wirral Archaeology CIC projects, etc?

We are increasingly being asked to provide our own talks at various venues across Wirral.

It is anticipated that this demand will be increasing…

We make a small entrance charge for these events to support our operating costs.

Please see out Twitter and Facebook accounts for details of planned events.

Can our organisation ask for an official presentation on the work of Wirral Archaeology CIC?

As explained above this will only be agreed by our Executive Group who will authorise the arrangements.

Please contact us for details.

Do we help other Wirral groups?

Often, we are asked by other groups and landowners if we can help them to investigate something for them.

If we can help, we will.

Obviously, this may require charges to be made to cover expenses and other associated costs.

Can I come to carry out surveys or investigations on site?

Usually the answer is no.

The reason for this is that the security of some of our work sites is sensitive. We can’t spend time briefing and supervising casual visitors. Any person working with us also has to be provided with proper PPE and other equipment.

Can I join Wirral Archaeology CIC?

Perhaps. If you have skills that we need, real commitment to turn up regularly, be reasonably fit and have stamina, and lots of patience.

We are often asked this question. Casual curiosity is not enough. We have had numerous such offers but when people find out the level of commitment, the professional rules and procedures we operate with, and the financial costs that are needed any interest usually evaporates. Any requests to join Wirral Archaeology are considered by our Executive Group. Personal invitations are not allowed. This is because of security and confidentiality concerns.

Are there any fees for joining Wirral Archaeology CIC?

Yes. There are three levels of membership – Executive Group which is the decision making body – Full Membership – Associate member.

The subscription* charges are:

a) Executive Group –

b) Full Member –

c) Associate Member –

* At present because of the Covid19 emergency our subscriptions have been suspended until operations and meetings can begin again,

What kind of skills does Wirral Archaeology CIC need?

All members of Wirral Archaeology have professional, business, and other skills that provide direct support for our objectives.

Besides having a high level of personal commitment, trustworthiness, and an intense interest in Wirral’s history we currently need to recruit people who have the following skills – Office365 skills – finds conservation – photography including photogrammetry – a qualified photographic drone pilot – LiDAR surveys, mapping, manipulation and evaluation.

Do we raise funds for our work?

Yes, we must do to be able to operate.

Our work can involve considerable costs. We have full archaeological insurance cover and all our members who carry out metal detecting must be members of the National Council for Metal Detecting. There are other expenses, for example – expensive electronic equipment – basic equipment such as archaeological finds bags – renting secure storage for equipment – scientific analysis (ie. Carbon14) costs hundreds of pounds per sample.

Our annual running costs are considerable.

Why is studying history important?

History has created us as individuals, our nation, our culture, laws and beliefs.

By understanding our history we can better understand ourselves, and why we are what we are. It is often asked “does history repeat itself”? We cannot say that it does…but we can say that lessons learned historically can often be equally applied in our lives today.

Can you help me with my homework, or with my student project?

Sorry, no.

Unfortunately, we do not have the numbers, time or resources to support these requests.

We do not mind if students use any of our public website contents.

But anyone else should note that ALL our published and unpublished research information is copyrighted.

Can I/we view your archaeological finds archive privately and handle them?

We do not provide access to our archaeological finds on an individual basis (except for professional purposes – see below). Many of the finds are archaeologically and historically important artefacts, and some are in very poor condition. We cannot risk any damage being caused.

Can I request professional access to your archaeological finds archive and data?

We will only consider genuine requests from professional archaeologists, scientists, or historians. Any request must provide full details in writing. Verbal requests will not be considered. Each request will be considered individually by the Executive Group. Any decision to allow access will require a signed agreement before any access will be allowed.

What will happen to the archaeological significant artefacts in future?

All our archaeologically significant finds will be offered to the Portable Antiquities Scheme for permanent recording. We hope that eventually they can be placed on permanent display.

Has Wirral Archaeology CIC found evidence of the site of the Battle of Brunanburh…?

No comment. At present…