About Wirral Archaeology CIC

Wirral Archaeology Community Interest Company is a local, not-for-profit voluntary group dedicated to researching Wirral’s historic past and bringing it to life by sharing knowledge with the local community and preserving it for future generations.

Members of Wirral Archaeology CIC have a wide range of professional skills and experience.  We work closely with professional archaeologists, scientists and other experts in associated areas of research. We are an inclusive organisation with people of all ages and abilities, and from various cultures and backgrounds.

Wirral Archaeology has changed. The informal group that successfully laid the foundation of a thriving organisation has evolved into a more formal Community Interest Company. It is a not-for-profit organisation, registered with Companies House and committed to the promotion and sharing of Wirral’s complex history.   Its membership is open to anyone who shares our values, our aims and our objectives. The company is run on behalf of its members by a board of directors who are elected annually (or longer by agreement).

The company is Wirral’s Premier History and Archaeological Society. It is committed to a meticulous attention to detail and to maintaining the highest standards and principles of archaeological and historical investigation.


  • To promote an appreciation of archaeology in Wirral.
  • To undertake projects in order to discover, investigate, record and report on local history and archaeology
  • To provide education in the archaeology of Wirral for schools, colleges and the general public.



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