Bringing Wirral's past back to life

Wirral Archaeology

Wirrals Roman Roads

The Wirral peninsula lies very close to what was the largest Roman legionary fortress in their Empire, at Chester. The Roman Roads Research Association, who are working with Wirral Archaeology on this project have documented proven several Roman roads to the north, east, and south of Chester. But none have been fully proven to the west across Wirral. This seems to be very odd as there is extensive evidence of Roman activity at Meols, in Storeton and probably in Birkenhead.

The Cheshire Shore

Wirral has a fascinating history along our sea-coast to the Irish Sea that has been long forgotten by most people including communities living in the area. We hope that this project will help to revive interest in the history of this area, and its place in our local and national heritage.

The Irish Sea coastline that we see now was very different in the past and extended much further out to sea. The coast has been gradually eroded away by the sea over the centuries, and the erosion would have continued to this day without the construction of the sea wall along most of the coastline. Many places that were once inhabited have been inundated. The township of Meols itself has probably migrated inland over the centuries as the sea gradually took away the land.